Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Theological Seminary is located in the town of Kagoro, in Kaduna State, Nigera. The Seminary is the earliest theological training institution in ECWA having been founded in 1931. The Seminary has trained not only ECWA pastors, but pastors from many denominations and from other countries. Missionaries from many places overseas have served and will continue to serve here.

The basic goals of ECWA Theological Seminary flow directly from its motto: “Ye are my witnesses.” From it we derive two essential goals: a personal and a vocational goal.

  • Our personal goal has to do with what we desire to be in personality and character. At ECWA Theological Seminary, our objective is to become increasingly like Jesus Christ. This is expressed in the motto. Our knowledge of Christ should have two dimensions: to be witnesses and to witness Him in intimate companionship. In order to witness for Christ, we must know the Bible, the revelation God has given of Himself. It is for this reason that the heart of the Seminary curriculum is the Bible.
  • Our second primary educational objective is vocational. The training at ECWA Theological Seminary, is designed to enable students to fulfill, as effectively as their potential will allow, God’s purpose for their lives, “To witness so that He will be known (To make Him known).” Our purpose is to prepare students for church-related ministries. We believe that the best spiritual leaders are those who, above all, are completely submitted to the will of God.