The seminary offers attractive programs ranging from theology, missions, pastoral studies, education, and Biblical languages. Certification includes: certificate, diploma, B.A. and M.A. Click here for more information about these programs and the admission requirements.

ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro is affiliated to the University of Jos.


ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro, exists to provide basic theological education and training for potential and functional church leaders in different areas of Christian Service such as Pastoral Ministry, Teaching, and Missions, with emphasis on spiritual development, academic excellence and practical application/experience. The Seminary’s academic programs and course objectives are relevant to the needs of both students and society in the African context and are taught by an experienced and strong faculty. The curriculum consists of Biblical, Theological, Missions and Educational courses. Others include Old and New Testament, Hebrew and Greek languages, English, Ethics, Philosophy and other general biblical subjects.

Seminary Calendar

The Seminary Calendar gives a brief outline of semesters of study and other events in the present academic year. It can be viewed here.