There are adequate library facilities to cater for the interests of the programmes offered at the Seminary. These include current journals, handbooks, textbooks, manuals, standards and specifications, etc., in sufficient numbers. The Seminary has digital information on all available books in a central database. This database is used to generate printed Subject, Author, and Title catalogues and library users can also search the data on computer terminals in the library. The number of books as of December, 2015 is 20,000 volumes. The cLibrary stacks areaollection covers areas such as Biblical Studies, Church History, Christian Ethics, Missions, Systematic Theology, Biblical Languages, Psychology, and a host of others.

The library subscribes to foreign and local journals covering wide subject areas. New books are purchased regularly and subscriptions to journals are reviewed periodically. Presently the seminary is in the process of subscribing to ATLA (American Theological Library Association) and seeking partnership with sister-evangelical seminaries abroad to further help in processing onlineĀ resources.