Ongoing Projects

Greetings from ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro (ETSK). Thank you for your interest in supporting our projects.

Presently we have two major approved project funds for you to choose to give to:

1. PROJECT NG96016 – Married Student Dorm Project. The Seminary borrowed some funds to complete the building so it could be used by students but the project number is still open to repay these funds and develop the building.

2. PROJECT NG85600 – Other Kagoro Seminary Projects

This fund is to assist needy students currently in any ETSK course programme who have special financial needs toward their tuition or other charges owed to the Seminary. To earn money, students will do physical work on campus projects. Their account will be credited toward their tuition fees for the work they have done.
This fund is to buy new library books, magazines, subscriptions, and supplies to care properly for the present library holdings of over 20,000 volumes and prepare for expansion and maintenance of the present collections.
This fund is to buy new computers, printers, video projectors, or other needed equipment to empower the staff and students for more effective teaching and ministry.
This fund is to assist Faculty and students’ efforts to participate in specific missions outreaches for church planting or ministries to unreached people groups in Nigeria and beyond. We have sent teams to Chad, Cameroon, and in various areas in our state, Kaduna State, to work with the Evangelical Missions Society (EMS) of ECWA, where the Gospel has not been shared much before.

If you’d want to have a part in supporting any of these funds, either on a one-time or regular basis, here’s how you can give:

You may present a gift directly to ETSK toward their General Fund or any of these project funds in their accounts office or give through one of their bank accounts as follows:

1. Zenith Bank, Kafanchan Branch – Account No. 1011379501
2. UBA Bank, Kafanchan Branch – Account No. 1001453576

Please contact the ETSK accounts office to inform them that you have given, so they can acknowledge your gift. You may call _______________ or _______________ to do this.

You may write your check made payable to “SIM-USA.” Mail it to SIM-USA, 14380 Choate Circle, P.O. Box 7900, Charlotte, NC 28241-7900.

On a separate note enclosed and attached with your check, be sure to mention that your tax-deductible gift is for any of these two projects:
1. Project No. NG96016, being the “Kagoro Married Dorm.”

2. Project No. 85600, being the “Kagoro Theological Seminary Project,” with a short comment for which one of these specific 4 funds your gift is to be designated, for example, “The Student Scholarship Fund.”

Write us if you have questions. SIM-USA will send you a tax-deductible receipt for your gift.

Thanks so much. We receive a monthly report from SIM on any donations given during this month. It will take about another month for us to actually get the funds safely at Kagoro. If you send a gift, kindly let us know the date and the amount. Then we’ll watch out for its being listed on SIM’s monthly donor report.

Dr. Dennis Shelly,
Project Manager
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