This course is the most demanding undergraduate course offered at KETS. It is designed for those who want to be stretched in their Christian thinking. This degree combines both academic and ministry focuses: it is suitable preparation for both pastoral ministry, and for further study at Masters and/or PhD level.

The Systematics degree is distinctive in several ways:

  • Reading theological classics: each semester you will be introduced to the writings of leading theologians, both ancient and modern.
  • An especially strong focus on Greek & Hebrew: you will do some language study every semester, and so by the end of fours years you will be competent and confident in both languages.
  • An extended thesis: students will complete a longer thesis, on a topic of their own choosing.
  • Regular, individual input from the Head of the Systematics Program. Admissions will be limited to a maximum of 5 students per year, to ensure that each student receives individual supervision and support.