Master of Divinity

This three-year, full-time, degree programme is for those preparing for leadership in congregations and other religious communities, ministries in social service, hospital and chaplaincy, interfaith ministry on college campuses, teaching and scholarship. The curriculum seeks to educate pastors who can interpret complex and evolving local and global contexts and who can engage those contexts in creative and confident conversation with a full array of theological resources. The Master of Divinity programme consists of 81-87 credit hours.

The Master of Divinity students are required to complete 81 credit hours of course work. If a student chooses to write a thesis, he or she will be awarded an additional 6 credit hours totaling 87 credit hours. Students who opt to write a thesis must produce an acceptable piece of research evidencing a high degree of scholarly competence in the student’s major. An ETSK master’s thesis must show that a student is able to work in a scholarly manner and is acquainted with the principal works published on the subject of the thesis. As much as possible, it should be an original contribution to knowledge. The thesis must be defended both internally and externally. Note that this specialization is not limited to only the area of Pastoral Theology. Students doing other concentrations can also do an M.Div. in their area of specialization. To achieve this, a student will have to cover 12 @ 3 hours specialization in their concentration area.

Master of Divinity track

Common Courses(CC) 9 at 3 hours each = 27
Specialization Courses (CS) from the chosen area 12 at 3 hours each = 36
Electives from another area (EA) 4 at 3 hours each = 18
Thesis (optional) 1 at 6 hours = 6
Total = 87 credit hours

Specialized courses in this programme:

  • MDV 612 Practice of Discipleship
  • MDC 615 Biblical Foundations for Christian Ministry
  • MDV 618 Christian Ministry
  • MDV 621 Advanced Church History
  • MDV 623 Pastoral Counsel and Care
  • MDV 710 Liturgy and Worship
  • MDV 711 Pastoral Tent making Project
  • MDV 715 Church Administration and Polity
  • MDV 716 Gospel, Culture and Church
  • MDV 810 Evangelism and Contemporary Cultures
  • MDV 812 Christian Mission and Religious Pluralism
  • MDV 813 Introduction to Christian Education
  • MDV 817 Spirituality and Leadership
  • MDV 821 Thesis (optional)