New Testament

The Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies aims at equipping students with knowledge and skills to understand and interpret the Bible. The objectives are to provide critical thinking skills for the students in exegesis and exposition of the Bible; provide students with the background history, geography, archaeology, culture and philosophy of the foundations for understanding and interpretation of the Bible; help students gain a basic proficiency in biblical Hebrew and Greek; introduce students to the principles and methods of hermeneutics and to help students develop research methodology skills. The programme is divided into two tracks: Master of Arts degree (Old Testament) and Master of Arts degree (New Testament).

In addition to common courses taken in the MA programme, the following are specialized courses for the New Testament  track

  • NTS 617 New Testament Theologies
  • NTS 619 Introduction to Greco-Roman Mythology and Religion
  • NTS 621 Advanced Greek Exegesis
  • NTS 625 Advanced Greek Syntax
  • NTS 622 Historical Jesus
  • NTS 627 Ancient Pre-Chalcedonian Christology
  • NTS 711 Studies in Pauline Theology
  • NTS 713 Studies in the Synoptic Gospels
  • NTS 715 Studies in the Johannine Writings
  • NTS 717 Introduction to Christian Pseudepigrapha
  • NTS 719 New Testament Hermeneutics
  • NTS 721 Thesis