Psychology and Christian Counselling

The programme, Psychology and Christian Counseling, represents an integration of both biblical and scientific counseling principles drawn from psychology and applied in the process of helping individuals and groups via professional relationship. The programme is geared towards equipping learners to have a comprehensive grasp of the Bible as God’s instrument for change. Emphasis is placed on the practical skills for effective counseling. The students are also exposed and motivated to promoting critical thinking skills necessary for interacting with counseling literature for writing a cogent thesis through the employment of biblical and psychological approaches.

In addition to the chosen, common courses in the MA programme, the following are the specialized courses offered for this stream:

  • CNS 611 Introduction to Psychology
  • CNS 613 Biblical Approach to Counseling
  • CNS 615 Abnormal Psychology
  • CNS 612 Counseling Theories and Techniques
  • CNS 614 Psychopathology
  • CNS 620 Appraisal of Individual
  • CNS 710 Integrative Internship in Counseling
  • CNS 712 Supervised Practicum
  • CNS 713 Child Development
  • CNS 714 Cross-cultural Counseling
  • CNS 718 Group and Institutional Therapy
  • CNS 721 Thesis