Christian Education

The Master of Arts degree in Christian Education is aimed at training men and women for educational ministries in local churches and schools. Its objectives are to involve students in supervised field experiences in churches and schools; to train students to be able to apply the principles of Christian education in response to the needs of the congregation in the African church; to provide competency-based experiences needed for Christian educators and to introduce students to research methodology.

In addition to the chosen, common courses studied for the MA, the following are specialized courses for this stream:

  • EDU 611 Educational Philosophy and Psychology
  • EDU 613 Evaluation in Christian Education
  • EDU 614 Advanced Educational Philosophy
  • EDU 615 History of Christian Education
  • EDU 617 Educational Administration and Planning
  • EDU 618 Advanced Teaching Strategies
  • EDU 711 Advanced Guidance and Counseling
  • EDU 712 Current Issues in Education
  • EDU 713 Christian Maturity and Development
  • EDU 721 Thesis