Expository Preaching

This distinctive focus of this MA will be expository preaching, approached through the various genres of the Bible. Each Preaching course will focus on one particular biblical genre, with special reference to an individual biblical book which exemplifies that genre. Each course will examine the whole process of expository preaching, from exegesis to communication, in the context of a different biblical genre and book. Thus in every course students will have the opportunity to hone their skills in exegesis, sermon construction, communication and delivery, and be assessed on each of these aspects.

Integration with other MA courses

The MA in Expository Preaching follows the existing MA structure, comprising two years of full-time study. Five courses will be chosen from the common courses, six from the Expository Preaching specialism, two courses will be electives from other areas, and there will be one thesis.

Two of the common courses will be recommended for Expository Preaching students, namely Advanced Hermeneutical Methodologies, and Advanced Homiletics. Students will be advised to consider carefully the Pastoral specialism, The Pastor and Mass Communication and/or, students with an interest in biblical languages (and/or further study in Expository Preaching) will be advised to consider carefully doing one or more Greek or Hebrew modules.

Specialized courses in this stream are:

  • EPP 611 Preaching OT Narrative [1 Samuel]
  • EPP 612 Preaching OT Poetry [Job]
  • EPP 613 Preaching OT Prophecy [Isaiah]
  • EPP 614 Preaching OT Law [Deuteronomy]
  • EPP 712 Preaching NT Narrative [Mark’s Gospel]
  • EPP 713 Preaching NT Epistles [Romans]
  • EPP 714 Preaching NT Apocalyptic [Revelation]