Christian Theology of Public Policies

This course will use the lenses of peace, justice and community to expose the student to riches, both historical and contemporary, of the church’s theological tradition, and to consider how this tradition can contribute to public debate. In terms of historical theology, students will engage in detail with the works of several of the early Church Fathers, Augustine of Hippo, and one Reformation theologian, Martin Luther. In terms of contemporary theology, students will engage with the positions represented by Stanley Hauerwas, Oliver O’Donovan, and several African scholars.

  • CTP 611 Introduction to Systematic Theology
  • CTP 612 Political and Public Theologies
  • CTP 613 Majority World Theologies and Politics
  • CTP 614 Systematic Theology and Society
  • CTP 615 Advocacy, Human Rights and Public Policy
  • CTP 617 Entrepreneurship and the Theology of Public Engagement
  • CTP 718 Internship
  • CTP 721 Thesis