Post-Graduate Diploma

The Post Graduate Diploma of Theology provides a route towards postgraduate study in Divinity, Pastoral Theology, Psychology and Biblical Counselling, Biblical Studies (Old or New Testaments), Christian Education, Expository Preaching and Christian Theology of Public Policies for those with a previous degree in another subject. The programme can also be pursued as an end in itself, for those with a previous non-theology degree who wish to acquire a competence in Theological education.


It is a full-time programme with the minimum of one academic session and is concluded with a fifty-page essay written under the supervision of a supervisor.


  1. Minimum of first degree or its equivalents obtained from a recognized University/Higher Institution.

  2. The degree classification for entrance must be a minimum of 3.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on a 5 point scale.

  3. The candidate must satisfy basic entry requirements for the Post Graduate Diploma of Theology programme as stated above.

  4. An applicant must also demonstrate an ability to study at the Graduate level, and be judged capable of making a quick and successful transition to advanced study in Theology.

Course listing

  • PGD 507 Introduction to Christian Theology 1
  • PGD 510 Introduction to New Testament Studies
  • PGD 511 Introduction to Christian Theology 2
  • PGD 512 Introduction to Old Testament Studies
  • PGD 514 Research Writing
  • PGD 516 Pastoral Theology
  • PGD 517 Introduction to Greek Grammar
  • PGD 518 The Rise of Christianity
  • PGD 519 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • PGD 520 Introduction to Hebrew Grammar
  • PGD 521 PGD Project