Doctor of Philosophy Programme

The Purpose of the Programme
The Doctorate in Philosophy at ETSK, is an advanced graduate degree designed to prepare and to qualify individuals who may enrol in it for academic teaching and research in the fields of Theological Studies, Christian Theology and Public Policies, and Expository Preaching (OT and/or NT, with a good working knowledge of Biblical languages). Students will be prepared to teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and to serve in the church and other ministries in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

 The Nature of the Programme:
The programme will be lecture, research and seminar based. Students will also write a dissertation on one major area of concentration.

The special emphasis placed on these programmes is due to the crucial role they play in filling the gaps of such theological training and scholarship that are lacking in our theological institutions.

The Design of the Programme:
The doctoral programme is designed to be completed in not less than three years. Years 1 and 2 will involve course work in residence and passing of qualifying examinations. Years 3 and beyond will involve writing of a dissertation in an area approved by the Doctoral Programme Committee and passing of the dissertation defence.

Students will complete eight courses. Six of these will be from their area of specialization, with two electives. All courses will be at 800-900 levels.

If, upon the completion of two years (totalling a minimum of eight courses of study), the student fails to pass the comprehensive exam to qualify for writing a dissertation, due to inadequate academic performance, an M.A. in Theological Studies can be awarded at this level.

The proposal for the dissertation must be submitted at the end of the second year, so that the third year is entirely spent on research and writing. All work should be completed in the third year, including oral defence and graduation.

Admission Requirements:
Students must have an M.A. or an M.Div. in any theological field.

All students enrolling in the doctoral programme must maintain at least a 4.0 Grade Point Average on a 5.0 scale.

All doctoral students enrolling in the expository programme must have a working knowledge of at least one of either Hebrew or Greek, and must be computer literate.

Admission with any deficiencies, if allowed, will be determined by the doctoral committee.

Admissions can be deferred for one year with concrete reasons.

Candidacy Requirements:
Candidacy will be at the end of the second year. Before admission to candidacy, students will be required to pass a comprehensive qualifying examination.

All expository students will be expected to demonstrate reasonable proficiency in Hebrew or Greek before proceeding to their dissertation so that they can be confident in their field.

Graduation Requirements
Evidence of godly Christian character.

Successful completion of all course work and dissertation.

Settle all financial obligations to ETSK.

Write and publish at least one article in an international journal in consultation with the Ph.D. Director.

Doctoral Level Lecturers
All lecturers teaching at this level must themselves be Ph.D. holders. No lecturer holding a D.Min. or D.Miss will be allowed to teach at this Ph.D. level.

Lecturers expected to teach at the doctoral level are those who already have good experience of teaching consistently at the graduate level.

Doctoral lecturers must be those who are well exposed and must have produced academic books and/or peer-reviewed articles.

Adjunct lecturers, part-time teachers, and visiting lecturers can be used to teach, but they must also meet the requirements listed above.

Statute of Limitations for the Degree
The minimum period in which the Doctor of Philosophy degree can be completed is 3 years.

Completion within the minimum 3 years is not automatic; the student must complete all the requirements, especially in regard to the dissertation, and for many this may take a 4th year to complete to the necessary high standard.

The student can continue to a maximum of 6 years.

Any extension beyond this would have to be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Doctoral Committee and is unlikely to be granted unless completion is imminent.

Students who exceed the maximum allowed time without completing the requirements may be awarded a Master’s degree at the discretion of the Doctoral Committee.

Director: Dr. Rick Creighton

Secretary: Dr. Hassan Musa

The application form to apply for this programme costs N10,000. Applicants are expected to deposit this amount into either of the Seminary’s bank accounts: 
ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro, UBA 1001453576 or ZENITH BANK 1011379501 and the form can be downloaded from here   PHD_application_form

Interviews for application into the PhD programme are scheduled for 7th and 8th May 2018.