Summer School

While the Seminary prefers its students to study in the regular semesters (Jan to May and Aug to Dec each year), it acknowledges some people are unable to move to the Seminary for one reason or the other. Some people, for example, are already working and unable to get the required years of study leave. The Summer School is designed with such people in mind.

At present it is possible to study for a diploma, degree, PGD or master’s degree in the Summer School.

Each year the Seminary offers three Summer School modules each of which lasts three weeks giving a total of nine weeks. Registration for study in each Summer School is normally towards the end of the third week in May and the last module ends at the end of July. (Please refer to the Seminary Calendar for the exact dates.)

Admission into the programmes of study offered in the Summer School follow the same processes as other admissions except those wishing to study in the Summer School should indicate this when making their application for study.