Thank you for praying, “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” (Col. 4:2)

            May – July summer programme 2017

  • Praise the Lord the final exams for the January to May semester ended on 17 May.
  • 29 May began our summer school session of three 3-week modules. Thank the Lord 262 students registered for the first module.
  • Pray for fruitful teaching and studies in the second and third summer school modules which continue until 28 July.
  • Pray for more supporters, especially from our ETSK alumni and churches which have benefited from the ministries of ETSK, toward our new Multi-Purpose Centre building which is now in progress as God brings in the funds. The project is estimated to cost at least N150 million ($428,000).
  • Pray for the ETSK Alumni and present students to be effective in their ministries during the long holiday break and during the rest of 2017.
  • Thank the Lord He has kept our area safe again during these past weeks. Our students are now on their long break until early August, unless they join us for summer school.
  • Thank the Lord for our expatriate faculty and their families who returned to their home countries for the long holiday break: Dr. Rick Creighton and his family returned to the UK; Dr. Dennis and Coletta Shelly returned to the US for two months for a medical home assignment for Coletta and to attend their son’s wedding. Thank the Lord also for David and Debbie Colvin who left ETSK to return to Ireland after 19 years of faithful teaching and administrative service at Kagoro. 

             Chapel programme prayer requests:

  • Chapel is Monday – Wednesday 11 am to noon.
  • Chapel prayer groups meet Thursdays 11 am to noon.
  • Accountability group initiative to encourage a pure life and faithful friendships that offer support.
    General items:
  • SOUTHERN KADUNA: For continued safety and peace in our area and for God to calm hearts of many living in fear from threats of sporadic attacks. Pray that the Christians will remain strong for the Lord, no matter what comes their way.
  • Pray that the ETSK Management will be wise and faithful in leading the Seminary.
  • Pray that the ETSK staff will be fulfilled in their jobs and thank God for their faithful service to the Seminary over the years.
  • Pray that the ETSK Community will walk in truth and integrity with an increasing hunger for, understanding of, and application of God’s Word.
  • Pray for supporters toward the ETSK Student Work-Study Scholarship Fund to assist needy students who do not have regular or full supporters toward their school fees. Each of our two regular semesters yearly cost about N70,000 ($200) per semester. Some of our students come from non-Christian backgrounds and don’t have regular supporters. Others come from small churches which are not able to support their members toward coming to study.
  • Pray for the Kagoro community, and that ETSK would be a source of encouragement.
  • Pray that God will provide additional lecturers to accommodate the increasing number of students.