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This is an superb blog on preaching. It is updated regularly (several times a week). The posts are both concise and insightful. If you read blogs regularly, you should add this one to your list; if you don't, it is still worth browsing through the archives. There is a wealth of valuable material here.
This is an Australian-based preaching site that gives detailed outlines for whole sermon series on many books of the Bible. It arose from an online journal that existed in the early 2000s. The journal is no longer produced, so the site merely an archive - it is no longer updated. However, the archived material is excellent. Murray has put together a list of 200 of his favourite online articles about how to improve your preaching.

Annotated links list of online preaching resources, compiled by Dr Rick Creighton

Introductory Preaching Books

A warm and encouraging read. Completely biblical, and clearly written. The book goes through the basics of examining & analyzing the passage, coming to the main point, illustration, application, presentation, the importance of prayer. The author is flexible on exactly how you do your preparation and communication, but he is clear you need to have a single theme for the sermon, and that this them must come from the passage. He discusses preaching a sermon on a single verse, a character, or a whole book of the Bible, as well as the usual mid-sized passage.
Expository PreachingHaddon
This book set out how to "preach so that people will listen." It is a great overview of the whole task of preparing a sermon. On content: this book helps you get to the heart of each passage by producing a summary sentence for the passage. On communication: it teaches you one particular model of sermon communication (‘State, Explain, Illustrate, Apply’) - and it is a great model.
Speaking in Public EffectivelyRichard
Very helpful on practical aspects of preaching
Lectures to my StudentsCharles H.
From a different era, but still relevant: big, bold, passionate, funny, comprehensive.
Warren WiersbePreaching and Teaching with ImaginationA practical guide to creativity in preaching - using word-pictures to capture people's imagination, and help them see that truth is alive.

Intermediate Preaching Books

Speaking God's WordsPeter AdamThis book gives you the theology of preaching, with examples from the past, especially from Calvin.

Advanced Preaching Books

The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text: Interpreting and Preaching Biblical LiteratureSidney GreidanusGreidanus links hermeneutics and homiletics. He starts with an overview of biblical preaching, and how it arises from its hermeneutical foundations. He discusses various hermeneutical methods (e.g. Redaction Criticism; Canonical Criticism), but he is most interested in Literary Criticism, and its relevance for preaching. He goes into detail on how to approach different biblical genres (e.g. narrative, prophetic, gospel, epistle) with practical guidelines for preaching from each. He also gives several extended worked examples, using principles outlined earlier in the book (Text Selection, Literary Interpretation, Historical Interpretation, Theological Interpretation, Theme Formulation, Form of the Sermon, and the Relevance of the Sermon).